Is Santa Anna Really The Bad Guy In The Alamo Story?

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Have you ever wondered if Antonio López de Santa Anna was really the bad guy in the Alamo story? I have done a lot of research on Santa Anna and I think you will figure out a lot more interesting facts about Santa Anna that most people do not know right off the top of their head. Did you know that he was the president of Mexico 11 times? Or how about do you even know the story of the Alamo? Well, if you don’t then don”t worry ,just read this paper and by the end you will know more about the Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna than the average Texan. Antonio López de Santa Anna was born on February 21,1794 in Jalapa, Mexico. He was the son of middle class parents. His family was Spanish and Caucasian. When Santa Anna was 16, his family sent him to a military academy, from which he graduated in time to serve in the Royalist Army against the Forces of Independence. He fought against Miguel Hidalgo, the priest and original leader of the Independence Movement in Texas and distinguished himself in battle.And by 1821, Santa Ana had reached only the rank of captain. The rebels made him first a Colonel and later a Brigadier General.…show more content…
However, Santa Ana 's first presidency never even got started. When he was a newly elected president, he pleaded sick. He led the Mexican Army down to Texas in the year 1836. The Battle of Alamo lasted several days all the way from February 23 to March 6. The Mexican Army did defeat the 150 Texas rebels led by William B. Travis and won the battle of the Alamo. Right after the Battle of the Alamo, another battle took place with the Texans and the Mexican Army. It was known as the battle of Goliad. Soon after, Santa Anna got captured by the Texans and was held as a Texan prisoner for about one month. In exchange for his freedom, he signed a treaty recognizing Texas’s

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