Is Slavery Dead

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Is slavery dead? How could slavery be dead if it is not a living thing? Within this essay it will determine how alive slavery may be and how it may be alive in you. You are a living, breathing being; under any condition you may be enslaved by any situation or circumstance. Slavery may run deep in your veins from your ancestors and even in your name. “Slavery; the state of being a slave. The practice or system of owning slaves. Slave; a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. A person who is strongly influenced by or controlled by something.” (Oxford 2008) The definitions gives the meaning of slavery and slave in two forms one as property and a next as restrained. Assets to one’s possession like a piece of land…show more content…
The ancient Greeks and Romans all had slavery during their times living on earth. Slavery existed in Africa before the Europeans arrived, people captured in battle, was a punishment for crimes and enslaved people could work to buy their freedom without their children becoming slaves. When the Europeans arrived to Africa slavery changed, the Europeans enslaved generations of people forever by taking them from their homeland and forcing them across the Atlantic to work in mines and plantations in the Caribbean and America. Many of the Caribbean islands and parts of North and South America were conquered by European countries and the want for trade and free labor made up the Triangular trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas with every place between them. The middle passage refers to how the European transported the slave, mostly laid chained in rows on the floor of the hold or on shelves that ran around the inside of the ships’ hulls on a three to four months voyage across the Atlantic and West Indies. Not missing The Bahamas with slavery, we are reminded with the famous slave Pompey. He was among thousands of slaves that toiled the Great Exuma Land under British Lord, John Rolle. After hearing of the transfer of 77 slaves to another island, a group of slaves led by Pompey fled into bushes for several days then later stole one of Lord Rolle's boats in route to Nassau, however they were captured…show more content…
More than 600 workers were made redundant on Monday due to the closure.” We live in a Bahamas where an owner of a company can lay off around 600 workers because of renovations and with no discussions with the Government of the Bahamas. Interesting, these are the same workers who come to work every day to make sure the hotel is running at a level that is so high that guest keep coming back and making the owners millions. The owner of the hotel makes millions and sits at his desk calculating his profits and losses and his next moves, while employees who are not fortunate enough to own the company work tirelessly to earn their salary. The slave owner could be likened to the owner of the hotel in this case, and the six hundred (600) employees can be seen as the slaves. To drive it home, the cotton field could have needed to be fumigated so the slave owner told the slaves to go home until the farm is up and running again. Hundreds of years later the owner of Sandals made 600 workers redundant because of major improvements need to be undertaken at the hotel. Examples of modern day slavery are all around us, we just need to be vigilant and see what is happening in our country and in the world. We have to continue to break the cycles of slavery

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