Is Social Media A Waste Of Time

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When family moves out of town, and talking to them in person is out of the picture, social media can help. Social media has been around for a while now and the question has been asked if it’s good or bad. Before social media, people would be limited in knowing where to go or what to do in situations, but with social media people are able to do much more. Research has shown both positive and negative outlooks by using it. Although social media can become addicting and may lead to social seclusion, online usage does not point to isolation, because it provides learning opportunities, keeps society up to date on current events, and help families and friends stay in touch.

Some will say that social media is a waste of time but that is not true because it can grant you many learning opportunities. Many of research has shown that social media can help become a study tool for people of all ages (How Social Media Can Help Students Study, McGraw Hill). This suggests that not only students could use social media to help them with learning but anyone who wishes to review a subject can. This is important because many people feel that going to a program or school is a waste of time, and especially now anyone can learn anything by just looking it up, or talking to someone who could help on a social platform. In McGraw Hill’s article they state that “over 70% of students feel that the technology they use to study should be as tailored to their needs as social media feeds.” (How Social
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