Social Media Harmful Or Harmful

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By Khazaini Azmi N

Regarding your article about the negative influences of social media, I can say that I agree with some of the detriments you have mentioned. Even so, I think that you overly exaggerate the extent of the influences. You did not even take into consideration the people from the older generations who most likely face the same issues. I believe you have only taken into account the extreme and unpleasant cases of this problem and generalized it for every single “teenager”. True, there are many unfavorable effects of social networking sites. Nevertheless, I am certain that the benefits outweigh that.
One point that you have mentioned is that “we can now communicate ... with just one click”.
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It’s the main reason why many people are always attached to their phones. This is due to overindulging oneself by scrolling through social networking sites. I am sometimes guilty of such too. Truly, forming an addiction is not impossible. In the worst case scenarios, some people have accepted social media as an indispensable aspect of their life. I definitely agree that it is the most detrimental effect and that it is the most difficult to resolve. Internet addiction involves constant craving for social media access intensely, loss of control over its use, and continue of use despite its adverse consequences. In the most extreme cases, addiction can corrupt the brain and other aspects of life such as relationships, motivation, and…show more content…
In addition to the benefits mentioned in the article: Firstly, social networking sites allow an instantaneous spread of information. Research says over 50% of people learn about breaking news on social media. Everyone can be socially aware of everything that is happening in our world. Secondly, due to the many information shared online, law enforcement uses these sites to track and prosecute criminals. Thirdly, social media sites are constantly used by students to discuss educational topics and school assignments. They help students do better at school. Also, everyone can easily make new friends online. People are usually more open virtually and they tend to share all of their likes and interests. You can simply find people with common interests and form friendship. These days, many teenagers have formed close-knit friendships with people from other parts of the world. Similarly, unemployed people can find and apply for jobs through the internet. Certainly there are many more. The weight of the positive aspects can surely overcome its negative
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