Social Media Cyberbullying

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Is Social Media Making Bullying Worse?

In the end of the 20th century during the uprising of the internet and the introduction of new methods of communication such as email, messenger, and AOL, technology has evolved along with the construction and formation of social media. The most widespread examples of this newly modeled form of communication include famous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and several more. These unique platforms have allowed for revolutionary changes to be made in the world regarding mass media and communication. These changes sparked many good things and resulted in plentiful positive changes. However, social media has been implemented in negative ways as well and this is what our focus will be
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However, the change from physical to virtual bullying creates an even more dangerous and modified type of bullying without looking down on the effects of physical torment, but the change to the mental abuse and emotional assault could result in more drastic dissentient effects than that of old school bullying. The fact that most bullying in the past primarily existed and was initiated in exclusive and specialized communities such as schools meant that a type of authoritative figure that watched over all the forms of misconduct, such as bullying. The existence of such figures creates an awareness directed towards perpetrators and makes it so that it is less likely for them to commit reckless acts. This is also due to the existence of laws and rules that result in appropriate consequences if broken. But when all these laws and rules are cast away, bullying will be an unfortunately trivial matter that has more extreme effects than it would have had previously, especially for…show more content…
People must find out what is happening behind the curtains of social media, and look out for their children, as this is a serious matter that cannot be shrugged off. It has been shown in multiple pieces of research and statistical studies that one of the main reasons of depression and social anxiety is caused by cyber-bullying, so it is the duty of parents and guardians to prevent such illnesses and protect their children from such harm and
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