Is Society Responsible For Climate Change

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Environmental change is defined as a change or disturbance of the environment caused by human influences or natural ecological processes: it can include a number of things, including natural disasters, human interferences or animal interactions. Environmental change is one of the biggest threats to the world today. Everybody in the world is responsible for this threat occurring. I am passionate about the outcomes of climate change and would like to further my studies In this field. I drive an average of 79km on a daily basis to school, and I personally realized the changes in the environment. Small changes will have a large impact on the environment over many years. I believe society needs to understand the implications involved in climate change. I would enjoy learning more about this and this is why I have chosen this topic.

Focus Question
Is society aware of the drastic changes in the environment? To investigate this I will be surveying fifteen people of different ages starting from the age eighteen.

Is society aware with the rapid changes in environment affecting animals on land and in water.

Firstly, I determined the age group of participants which I would focus on and the number of participants. I choose a few questions of a survey I found off the internet and the rest I made up which is referenced in the bibliography. I then established i would hand out a few surveys at WITS. I allocated the surveys to my focus groups and after it was
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