Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost Essay

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Space research has been a magnificent idea that the human race has been chasing, catching, and letting go of for what seems like the longest time. I personally believe that the progress we have made is impeccable and that with what we have discovered we can do many new things; and we will continue we may be able to create and improve the world greatly with the cost that we pay. However some people do not agree with this idea. Some may argue that we should be spending our money elsewhere or exploring things on earth. While these are valid points, I think that people do not see what I see the opportunities that space provides us with.
J.F.K was the one who started it all. without even going into space he makes very divine points about what space research can provide us with. He is not wrong. In Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost it states, “Space research is not a drain on the economy; it generates infinitely more wealth than it spends,” it also says that NASA budget was only 16.3 billion out of 13 trillion GDP which means that not only are we discovering new and wonderful things, but we are adding a bit of wealth into the mix. It also notes that we have time to do all this, the planets will stay the same, yet if we do do this now we will create an excitement for the younger generations where it may really
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As I have seen on the news I know that rovers are being sent to mars to study and examine the climate. I also know that the earth is going through massive climate changes that could devastate the human race in the far future. Because it is far in the future you may think that we have all the time in the world and yes that is true but complications will come up and maybe set us back. If we spend just a small amount of our total budget we may have a backup plan that will always be there to save us. I know it may not be clear now but space research is very important and I truly believe that we need
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