Is Standardized Testing Good Or Bad

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Standardized Testing: Is it Good or Bad? How would you feel sitting in a room for an eternity filling in millions of tiny bubbles? This is what students feel from third though twelfth grade thanks to Standardized Testing. Standardized tests are bad because they do not demonstrate a student’s level of intelligence or true knowledge base but instead demonstrate their ability to take a test. “Whether you are smart, stupid, lazy, or hardworking is being reduced to how fast and how accurately you can darken the circles on a multiple-choice test.” With this statement Minor accurately explains what it is like to take a standardized test. Further Minor writes, “He takes on the SAT, which neither measures aptitude nor predicts how well one will do…show more content…
Higher test scores result in financial benefits for the school. The financial benefit does not eliminate the negative impact of standardized testing on students. Miner said, “Today, children are being flunked, denied access to a preferred program or school, or even refused a high school diploma on the basis of a single standardized test.” How are standardized test good for students if they give them all these negative limitations if a student doesn’t do well, if a student does terrible on a test, then will they get a chance to retake it? No, a student is only allowed to take the SAT one time, so it’s all or nothing when it comes to these tests. Now that I’ve described to you the basic arguments against standardized tests do you want students sitting in a room filling in millions of bubbles taking a test that is supposed to prove how smart you or when it really only proves how well you can take a standardized test or do you want to eliminate standardized testing and focus on truly educating our youth? A lot of people think that standardized test are good because they can show a student’s performance. “Up to date on the latest in educational studies, he summarizes research on multiple intelligences,” The test may show the students’ performance, but it may not be on a subject the student really shines in, considering people learn in their own way. Albert Einstein said something that really puts this into a perspective that’s easy to understand, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it 'll spend it 's whole life thinking that it is stupid.” What he means by this is that if a smart student takes a test he knows nothing about, then they will think that they are stupid,
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