Is Tap Water Good Or Bad For The Environment

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Phew! You just came back from a run and you are really thirsty, should you drink from the disgusting water fountain, or should you buy a water bottle from the vending machine? To some people water fountains are gross, yet they are better for the environment, cheaper and the water is healthier. Whereas, plastic bottles contain many harmful chemicals. That is why 75% say that tap water is better. First, bottled water is bad for the environment. For example, 80% of bottles go to landfills where they sit for 450 years before they decompose! Also, in many places, public water…show more content…
For example, there are high amounts of phthalates. BPA is also included. BPA is a concern to many people because exposure to it can cause possible effects on the brain and behavior. However, bottled water companies are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals. Do you remember the last time when you left your water bottle outside when you were playing and when you came back to have a drink, the water was all bubbly and warm? What really happened is that the plastic that the bottles are made of might have endocrine disruptors when exposed to too much heat. Endocrine disruptors are harmful, and they may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce conflict with development. On top of that, with the BPA that is inside the water may potentially lead pregnant women to low birth weight.

Another example is that plastic bottles are expensive. Have you ever thought of how much bottled water industries pay to make the bottles? Well, Néstle pays three dollars for every million litres that they make, when we pay one to two dollars for 1 bottle! Also, did you know that bottled water is two times the price of tap water! Since last year, Néstle bottled water sales have increased to four hundred million dollars! At home, you can drink tap water that is almost

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