Is Technology Good Or Bad

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There is a vast amount of technology in the world, and it is becoming an integral part of people’s lives, but is it for the better or for the worse? On one hand, technology allows one to perform tasks faster and more effectively, like smart blackboards and computers. On the other hand, technology allows people to perform crimes, like hacking into someone’s personal data, with complete anonymity. There are so many positive and negative qualities of technology that it’s virtually impossible to pick one side over another. Technology can be helpful or harmful, depending on its original intentions, how people use the technology, and the specific individual’s definition of ‘helpful’ or ‘harmful’, but for a better future, one should use and create…show more content…
People who think about the big picture will say that trivial technology like smartphones are distracting society from the bigger problems like space colonization or world hunger, and could be considered ‘harmful’. This is exactly what Jason Pontin, a TED talker, pointed out in a 2013 TED talk: ”There 's nothing wrong with most of these things. They 've expanded and enriched our lives. But they don 't solve humanity 's big problems.” The average person may say that social media, texting, and so forth are enough for Earth, and that another guy might think bigger and see that spacecraft, for example, is considered ‘helpful’ to our society, and that most current-day electronic devices are insignificant. This contrast also applies to the ‘harmful’ side; one might think that technology could be harmful because it can be used to steal passwords from personal computers, and another person looks beyond this and says that technology that allows people to tamper with nuclear power plants is harmful. Regardless, though, a general idea of helpful versus harmful technology should be mostly the same throughout the
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