Is Technology Killing Our Friendship By Lauren Tarish

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Where would we be without technology?Think of the etiquette that has changed, because of the use of technology.When is it and isn’t OK to be on your smartphone:The conclusive guide By Caitlin Dewey and “Is Technology killing our Friendship? By Lauren Tarish are two articles that are fiction.In the Conclusive guide you will read about ways how to use modern technology. In “Is Technology Killing our Friendships?”you will read about how technology was in the past and how modern technology is today.Without technology for the students in the classroom they would probably gain knowledge but not as advanced as it is today. In the past people studied,and over lived without technology.Even without technology there were very smart people.”The use of cellphones didn’t exist in the past, and people spend more quality time together.(Lauren Tarshis Found in notes)”.This shows that people didn’t send texts messages to be in contact with friends,and family.This also shows that people use to spend more physical time together.”In the past people didn’t need technology to learn.(Caitlin Dewey Paragraph 15)”.This shows that people didn’t depend on smartphones and technology to memorize what they need.This also shows that …show more content…

“It is good to use technology when you use it for important things.(Caitlin Dewey Paragraph 17)”.One good thing about using technology is when you use it to learn more everyday.Another good thing about using technology is that it is faster to look for something like definitions,or explanations. “It is not good to overuse technology because many people manners change to new technology. (Caitlin Dewey Paragraph 19)”.This shows that some people use modern technology to avoid other people 's conversations.This also shows that it isn’t good to check apps in front of other people because it is bad manners.Evidence shows that using technology with responsibility is good,but not when you overuse

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