Is Technology Killing Our Friendships

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Seventy-one percent of teens use facebook. Is your facebook friends your real friends?Is technology killing our friendships? That's the issue in question.Some believe that technology brings us closer together, by talking to family far away from you. Others believe that we are replacing friends with screens. It's happening all over the world with teens and adults.Are we replacing friends with screens because we don’t talk to other human beings face-to-face, don’t have real friends that will held our secrets, and people bully other on social medias. First,people don’t spend enough time together in person.According to Lauren Tarshis, in her article titled, “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships,’ seventy-six of teens use social media. This shows that more kids are on facebook, instagram, and snapchat then talking face-to-face. For kids the only time kids talk face-to-face is at school because they are not allowed to use their phone. That builds the way we talk to other people but some of us don’t talk but only our phones. For example, what would life be without dievies, would we talk face-to-face or will the planet be silent…show more content…
Some of us have not a lot of friends in really life but on social media you have over 500 friends. Well I was that person, on facebook, I have 532 friends, most of them are family but there's always this 10% of your ‘friends’ that you don’t know that you think is so cute or you have mutual friends with. But them friends will not held your hands or give you a hug if you need it only the people you talk face-to-face with.The really friends you play games with.During your parent's’ childhood- back when smartphones were just props in science-fiction movies-connecting with friends usually meant spending time with them in the flesh, according to Lauren Tarshis, in her article titled “ Is Technology Killing Our Friendship.’This is important because family and friends use to get along better than what they do
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