Argumentative Essay: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Our Lives

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According to some estimates Human beings have been living on the earth for about 200,000 years, starting their life with no cloths, living in caves and eating vegetables. Since then, we have been inventing new tools in order to make life easier but we couldn’t get noticeable advances until the late seventeenth century. From late eighteenth century onwards technological advances have been gaining more and more speed and today we have reached at a point that we can nearly do all our tasks at a touch of a button. Although there are some people who say that technology has made life more complicated and difficult by creating unemployment, social problems and weapons of mass destruction, I personally believe that technology is revolutionizing our lives by making it easier and making the world a safer place.
People who blame computers for the unemployment say that computers have replaced the working force. People are getting kicked out of their jobs because computers are replacing them. Online stores add up to this issue. Shop
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These are weapons, one of which can destroy a whole city and make it inappropriate for living for many years after the explosion. Therefore, these people believe that if a third world war starts then that would be the end of this world. I accept if such weapons are used in a war, then it can destroy a complete nation or even the whole world if it’s a world war, but I believe that the creation of these weapons has guaranteed that a third world war will never happen. I believe so because in the past politicians waged war to get control over more areas. They didn’t wage war until they were sure of their victory, but with today’s weapons, there would be no winner, as no one would exist, if a war is waged. Therefore I believe that the creation of weapons of mass destruction has helped us live in a world with no

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