Argumentative Essay: Is Technology Ruining People?

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Many people can agree that the introduction of technology into society has impacted humans a lot. Kids are using cell phones, computers are used in schools. Technology is everywhere in people’s lives. But the true question is whether or not technology is ruining people. Starting from the fact that kids are getting less and less physical activity due to technology, technology also ruins social skills in people, and the fact that technology is very dangerous, technology is ruining people. First off, one reason why technology is ruining people is that kids that are using technology are getting less physical activity due to technology. One reason that shows that kids are getting less physical activity due to technology, is that it has been…show more content…
For example, chatting through technology has its flaws, when compared to talking in real life. Nowadays, when people text, people can not express emotions, tone, or voice, like people could with talking face to face (Toadvine). This is important because emotions are a huge part of talking with another person, and technology does not allow the use of emotions, tone, or voice. Additionally, the introduction of phones to society has changed the way people talk to each other, and this may be a bad thing. Melissa Nilles, an Arts & Entertainment editor has stated, “Instead of spending time in person with friends, we just call, text or instant message them. It may seem simpler, but we ultimately end up seeing friends face to face a lot less” (Nilles). This shows that humans nowadays now have less experiences of the joy of true, face to face human interaction, because people text and use phones to talk. Also, Social skills in children are becoming worse from technology. Victoria Cobb, a graduate from the University of Dayton, has noticed that children have less social skills due to technology that they use in day to day life (Cobb). This shows that children that use technology can not socialize like their parents did, when there was a lot less technology in day to day
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