Is The American Dream Over Analysis

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A dream presents a goal to a person in hope for a better future. For example, the American Dream presents a person, who becomes successful, has a honest earning, and has a secured future. Many articles, like Cal Thomas’s, Brandon King’s and Bob Herbert, and the Great Gatsby discuss the American Dream. They describe how the American dream does or does not hold true in modern society. Majority of the American Dream like having a honest earning and a secured future impact today’s society; whereas, some parts of the American Dream like becoming rich does not. Having a honest earning demonstrates a part of the American Dream in modern times. The American Dream represents an idea that people earn their earnings through hard work. For example, Cal Thomas, the author of “Is the American Dream Over?”, writes a set of rules that older generations learn from the concept of the American Dream and one of those rules is “...demonstrating personal honesty and professional integrity”(570). Cal Thomas believes that the concept of working hard that a person honestly desires demonstrates the American Dream. For instance, several middle class family make honest earnings and get a feel of an accomplishment. With these earning middle class families pay for their children’s college, go on family vacations, and have a beautiful house…show more content…
Even in today’s times, the American dream of having a peaceful retirement still lives on. In fact, Brandon King, the author of “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?”, talks about a survey that declares that many Americans voted for “being able to retire without struggling”. People want to secure their future or prepare for the future because of the hard times that Americans had to go through like the Great Recession and the Great Depression. Huge part of the American Dream comes from securing a
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