Is The American Dream Possible In Today's World?

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Many people in America question if the American dream is still a possibility in today’s world. As the country seems to grow in more and more distress, is it still possible to achieve the American dream. What even is the American Dream? The formal definition is “the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American.” Everyday people are claiming the American dream is dead and that the financial situation you are born in makes you who you are. The American dream being dead has been a huge topic the past few years. The media will claim that it is gone and all the current young people have no chance of vast success or riches. “Let 's set the record straight: the American dream is more alive than it 's ever been, and it 's not going to die anytime soon. In fact, it 's so strong…show more content…
“Make America Great Again” or “A Future to Believe In”. These are some of the popular slogans being said by some of the presidential candidates. The candidates are attempting to take advantage of the American people not feeling like that country is in a stable situation. All the candidates promise drastic change and that the American dream will be a possibility. Trump does not actually care about making America great and Sanders is living in a dream world that socialism will fix this country. A massive wall that Mexico paid for is not going to happen. Just like the amazing promises from Sanders. Both Trump and Sanders promise a bright future for America and harp on the so called American dream. The leadership of America is becoming an increasingly more popular topic. Many people believe that the current president cannot properly lead that people. Pew Research center claims that “only nineteen percent of Americans trust the government most or all of the time (PEW)”. They believe that he is terrible with negotiating with countries, and is a divider of the races. Many times when the country has needed him the most he will only make matters

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