Is The American Dream Really Dead Analysis

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What is the American Dream? The American dream is the belief every United States citizen would have equal opportunities to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, initiative and determination.
The American Dream is dead, with the American dream dying, we have more and more generations of children that are less likely to be better off than their parents when they become adults. People below the poverty line are 20% more likely to believe the American dream is dead. Therefore we have more citizens refusing to vote, more citizens refusing to pay taxes, and more citizens refusing to work jobs or go to college. Carol Graham’s article “Is The American Dream Really Dead?” argues many points such as poor people are 20% more likely to believe hard work gets you nothing. Throughout the article, Carol Graham explains why she thinks the American dream is dead and why she thinks people of our generation are less likely to own their own home. Because of this belief in society we can’t have things like free college or free public schools. David French’s article The American Dream Is Dying explains how we spend most of our life getting an “education” but our education system doesn 't set us up for success
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If we can get incentives for those businesses and find ways to make their base products cheaper they will most likely be willing to bring their business back to America as have Chrysler and other automotive manufacturers. In April, 12.4 million Americans worked in manufacturing, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s up by about 25,000 jobs from a year prior, and almost a million from early 2010. But it’s still down by about one third, or more than six million jobs, from 1980. (Via
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