Is The American Dream Still Alive Analysis

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Fighting for the American Dream “When I asked my dad why he brought us here, he always answered, ‘for a better opportunity of course!’” (Miglani 1) For years, the United States of America was looked at by foreigners as a land of promise and opportunity like this quote from Bob Miglani article called “Is the American Dream Still Alive”. The opportunities seemed endless in America for those overseas. They would leave their homes and loved ones to travel across the world to become an immigrant in America to begin their own American Dream. Although America was not always what it seemed like it would be, hundreds of immigrants were able to make something of themselves and make those around them proud through this idea of an American Dream. Therefore, through the terror and triumphs in the world, the American Dream is achievable because of the desire to make something of one’s self can push them forward, which shows how dreams can come true. One aspect of the American Dream that stands out is the determination within those who believe in the American …show more content…

In “Is the American Dream Still Alive” by Bob Miglani, Miglani when he started growing up in America found it overwhelming and hard to keep up with the changing jobs and speed of life; he began to question if the American Dream was still alive. But, even he realized that it was and is still alive: “I believe the American dream is alive in each of us who wish to move forward and make a contribution to the place we work and to lose we love” (Miglani 2). Miglani perfectly shows that no matter how hard it gets at time, it is hard for all, the best thing to do is to keep pushing forward and stay determined in one’s self. The American dream is all that one makes of it, how one takes the opportunities they are give and turns those into what they have and get in life through pushing forward through thick and

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