Is The Conflict Of Anger In Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

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"I like your anger. I think that 's what I like about you most . . . your anger" (Albee 6). Edward Albee in his masterpiece Who 's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is presenting the struggle of the American marriage through showing each character 's responses, reactions and attitudes toward one another. Albee reveals the anger inside the married couple to illustrate the struggle of marriage. Aristotle defines anger as "A desire, accompanied by pain, for apparent retribution, aroused by an apparent slighting against oneself or those connected to oneself, the slighting being undeserved". So anger for Aristotle is characterized by pain and distress and this pain is caused by directs offence. This offence results in revenge. Anger is considered to be a dangerous feeling because it leads toSerious consequences. Thomas also defines anger as "a strong feeling of distress or displeasure in response to a specific provocations of some kind" (3). So anger is a universal emotion that all humans acquire, but the manifestations of anger differs from one person to the other. According to Hawki, marriage in American society has had clearly defined gender roles. These traditional roles arrived with the immigrants who settled the New World. Along with these gender roles, the European settlers brought the farm economy that perpetuated these roles. The husband has traditionally held the role of the breadwinner; the wife lived the role of caregiver. The economy has also influenced the gender

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