Is The Constitution Important Essay

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The constitution is an important document in American history. The reason it is so important is because it is the foundation in which our country sits on. The constitution is broken up into sections. These sections talk about different topics and subjects within each one . The constitution is extremely important for everyone to learn about, because it will help you in the future. The constitution is made out of sections, well one of the sections is the amendments. The amendments are relevant to the constitution because it gives the people rights. The first amendment is about freedom of speech and religion, that is a viable thing to put in this document because in most countries they can discriminate against you if you’re not the same religion …show more content…

It makes the power equal, if the executive branch wants to pass a law or bill they would have to go through the judicial or legislative. The other branches have the right to veto the law or bill, if they veto it then they have to give a valid reason as to why they didn’t like it. Separation of powers is important to have within the government because it makes sure the branches have equal power. The legislature makes the bills, executive branch makes most of the decisions and the judicial branch makes and enforces the laws. There are ten amendments within the bill of rights. The bill of rights is very important to the constitution because it tells the people what their rights are. Most people don’t understand they have more rights than they know about. In the next few paragraphs I will name some of them. One of the amendments is trial by jury. This means if you are charged with a felony, then you have the right to have a trial with a jury of your peers. If you don’t want one, then your trial will be with a judge. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, if the charge is significant enough it will go straight to a trial by

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