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Outlined as the ninth short story in Diaz and Pitlor’s The Best American Short Stories, For the God of Love, for the Love of God is an interesting read touching on the lives of average white families in the olden French society. Unlike many writers, Lauren Groff, takes a unique direction. She is poetic and artistic. Her simply laid-out plot and character development offer a sophisticated exploration to the critical issues that an ideal family ranging from health, racism, friendships, betrayal, introversion and life’s hopes. This paper makes an exhaustive review of the short story (pages 103-120) to capture what Groff drives at, in placing the readers into the perspective of ordinary life the French white people. In a precise way, Groff offer a painful comparison between ambitions of youthfulness and their later position given the sweet vs. brutal life experiences as one grows up. In the short story Groff directs at young people but drawing examples from adults, arguing that happiness in adult life is only achieved by one’s choices in childhood and youthful stages. Groff suggests that shouldn’t one make good choices a younger age, they would face a dull adult life devoid of enthusiasm and only filled with unending disappointments that fuel regrets.

Critique of For the God of Love, for the Love of God
Firstly, Groff’s writing style is one that tips towards passiveness of characters. Observably, adult characters have lesser action than the young. One could read
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