Is The Governess Insane In Henry James The Turn Of The Screw

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Is the Governess Insane or Is She Being Tricked? Henry James created a number of famous stories during his time “The Turn of the Screw” being one of his most iconic ones. James is a very iconic writer for his day and even till this day with the structure of his writing. This short story has been read over, for more than 100 years and will continue to be read. Throughout this story’s time frame, there has been a lot of controversy over certain characters in the story and what is there position? When ghosts appear, why are some of the characters able to see them and the others cannot. My query on the book has probably been presented out more than once over the last 100 years. That either the governess is going insane because of recent events or is telling the truth. The question isn’t, if the ghosts are real or are they allusions but to direct it towards the governess, is she insane or are the kids are playing tricks on her?…show more content…
He also became fascinated with ghost stories after he went to numerous theatrical plays that involved multiple ghost or apparitions. There is reason to believe James wanted to portray the governess to seem insane but just enough them to question the idea. In earlier times past generation where a whole lot more religious than the generations today and because of that religious often presented itself in literally works. Also, the church played a big role in day to day to life with in jobs and the house hold. In the Victorian area, the woman never had much authority over the man of the house but if the man was not home, the woman did everything. They women did not even have rights over their own property. The church also looked down upon a family if the women became in control of certain roles of the house. This time frame was not pleasant to the women, it thrived in the literacy
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