Is The Great Gatsby Really Great Essay

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The Great Gatsby has been known to be one of the great American literature works written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, some discussion has been raised regarding its title and the debate on whether the Great Gatsby is in fact great. At times, the novel even seems to be quite vacant, shallow and morally complacent. Research shows that most people like the novel based on the notion created over time that it often appeals to a younger audience and their idea of the American dream. However, despite having a strong attachment to the book, readers’ opinions often change by the time they come to the end of it. The Great Gatsby refers to a self-driven man, often viewed as a notable figure by the well-established rich people around him and who is relentless in his pursuit for winning Daisy (Gross, 162). Gatsby risks everything in the process of achieving his goals, thus representing his determination. However, at the end of it all, opening one’s eyes to the reality of a different personality, proving that Mr. Gatsby is not so great after all. Fires lit in the wrong way have the possibility to burn even the hands of the igniter. It is quite obvious throughout the novel that Gatsby has a strong desire to regain Daisy through his admirable effort. However, without…show more content…
However, in his childish attempt at chasing Daisy who is already married to Tom, shows the opposite of a respectful and honorable man. Unable to evaluate and understand the complexity of this love triangle, Gatsby is described to waste most of his wealth on things that have no future value. This reflects the lack of family and moral judgement. Gatsbys attempt of completely changing his image to impress a girl shines a light on modern society where a man with everything can potentially win the heart of any girl. However it is through Daisy’s’ rejection towards Gatsby who appears to have it all, that puts this very theory to the
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