Is The Narrator Responsible For Death Of Doodle Essay

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Is the narrator responsible for the death of doodle. Yes, the narrator is responsible for the death of doodle because, he was with doodle in the storm them he had started sprinting away from doodle as doodle is saying don't leave me brother, but the narrator keeps on running until he can hear his voice no more. What i think is that the narrator had run away from doodle since he thought he was a burden to him. (In page2 paragraph 2) he says that doodle is a burden in many ways. He says this because he has to haul his brother around everywhere. (In page 1 paragraph 3) he was making plans to kill his brother because he couldn't play with him. He said that having a brother that wasn't there at all was unbearable, since he couldn't handle it he wanted to kill him? (Page 3 paragraph 5) says “ I was crying because doodle only was able to walk because i ashamed having a crippled brother. He only succeeded because he was ashamed because he had a special brother that couldn't walk. He had to take doodle with him wherever he went and if he did doodle would cry out. (Page 3 paragraph 4) he painted a picture to show doodle what it would be like if he didn’t learn how to walk. When…show more content…
As the narrator started teaching doodle he picked him and tried to place him on his feet and feel and doodle said don't hurt me brother, then the narrator said shut up to doodle. He said this because the was embarrassed of his brothe r. He kept pushing doodle and doodle kept falling and it never worked. The narrator wanted to push him so he could just stand up. Even the doctor had said it is almost impossible for doodle to walk. So why would the narrator attempt this. I still think that the narrator is guilty for what he has done from dicting his brother in the storm where he couldn't handle it by himself he ran until he couldn't hear his voice. So from these statements i think the narrator is
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