Is The Onslaught Making Us Crazy Analysis

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The reports and viewpoints on technology’s effects vary drastically. Therefore, the ultimate question is, what is the effect of technology on humanity? In order to answer this ultimate question, I read two articles: “Is the Onslaught Making us Crazy?” by Tony Dokoupil and “Don’t Fear the Digital” by Steven Johnson. In Dokoupil’s article, he discusses how the use of technology causes individuals to develop numerous psychological issues or disorders and that usage of technology can change brain structure. Also, he notes that technology changes how people interact socially, behave, think, and feel due to its addictive qualities. Dokoupil also mentions that technology can put a strain on relationships and can detach a person from reality. In Johnson’s article, he argues how the positive effects of technology outweigh the negative effects. He does this by stressing how technology increases productivity, efficiency, as well as a person’s social life. In his article, he …show more content…

For instance, Dokoupil primarily addresses the negative effects of technology on humanity while Johnson argues that the positive effects of technology on humanity outweigh the negatives. While both articles were effective, they pose some weaknesses. For example, Dokoupil limits his report by primarily discussing the negative effects of technology, making his report one-sided. While Johnson does acknowledge the negative effects of technology, he fails to provide enough factual evidence to support his claims. After reading these articles, I was able to recognize how important it is to use technology in a moderation as over-usage of technology can result in psychological as well as neurological disorders. On the positive side, technology should still be used as it enhances productivity, efficiency, and augments one’s social life. After analysis of these texts, are the effects of technology more negative or

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