Is The Raven In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven Real Or Imaginary?

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Is the Raven in Edgar Allen Poe 's The Raven real or imaginary? Edgar Allan Poe´s life had a lot of hard times. Readers can see perfectly the connection between Edgar, his friends and family with the characters of the poem. Almost every poem or story of Edgar Allan Poe starts normal and ends up with a disgrace or tragedy. He never did took inspiration from the works from other writers, it seems that only Poe´s imagination and life experiences seemed to create this stories and adventures Edgar writed. He was looked up more from the writers as an inspiration, it was the other way around. The inspiration to Poe 's darkest and most well known poem, written in 1845, was a real raven that was the beloved pet of the writer Charles Dickens who named it Grip. Dickens was fascinated by the behaviors of his pet and kept it in his stables to study it. Dickens had been impressed by how intelligent and aggressive the bird was. Dickens also taught his raven to speak, just like a parrot, which is also what interested Poe the most and acted as a direct influence for his story "The Raven." Poe 's raven favored the work "Nevermore" while Dicken 's raven preferred "nobody," which Poe 's raven also says. Poe also uses other direct references in his poem to Grip. There is some evidence of a reliable source saying that the raven existed. Its easy to comprehend that this creature was really involved in Poe´s life. The hard part to believe is that Edgar teaches it to speak. Now let me say that it is possible for a raven to speak. In captivity, ravens can learn to talk…show more content…
So the raven has to be the real one in the poem. I think Poe never specified in the poem if the raven was real or not because the poem wasn 't wrote in a sense of a dream. The poem feels like a memory of the feels of Poe about the death of his wife. Yeah you could say Lenore isn 't his wife but that new character Poe brings to us is the closest to Virginia, Poe´s wife, which he changed her
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