Is The Relationship Between Mr. And Mrs. Shears Poodle Dog

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In the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon the main character is Christopher Boone who is a 15 year old boy. His mother ran away with his neighbor Mr. Shears and then Christopher’s dad and Mrs. Shears try out a romance too. However Mrs. Shears backs out though, so Christopher’s father kills her dog with a pitch fork. Then being the animal lover and curious person he is, wants to investigate the death of the dog. Christopher’s investigation was provoked by Mr. and Mrs. Shears; additionally, each of these characters enhanced Christopher’s life in different ways. Mr. and Mrs. Shears both contributed to Christopher’s investigation of the death of Wellington. Wellington is Mrs. Shears’ poodle dog which is a well-loved dog. As Christopher walked outside he saw the horrific sight of Wellington killed with a…show more content…
Shears validates Christopher’s relationship with his mother. Although Christopher’s mother left his father to live with Mr. Shears in London, England, Mr. Shears treats both Christopher and his mom negatively. He tells Christopher’s mom that “This flat is hardly big enough for two people, let alone three.”(Haddon 201) and rudely tells her “Don’t be a bloody fool. It was a temporary job, for Christ’s sake.”, when she gets “fired” from her work. Mr. Shears mentions numerous times that he does not like does not like Chris and he thinks there is no space for Christopher to live in their home. Due to Mr. Shears’ nature towards Christopher, his mother is inclined to want to separate from Mr. Shears because of her love for her son. Christopher’s mother always loved her son very much as she continuously wrote letter to him every week and took leave of absence from work to be with her son. Therefore, it was difficult to accept the treatment of Mr. Shears towards her loved son so she and Christopher packed up and went back to Swindon. Furthermore, Mr. Shears played a large role concerning Christopher and his mother leaving his

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