Is The Society Dependent On Telecommunication And Technology?

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Is the society dependent on telecommunications and technology? Can you imagine our life without technology?
Well, inventions had changed our lives. In the past, people were calling each other afar, nowadays they use phones. Then come the electricity and other inventions. After that, the scientific progress began; the washing machine appeared because people were washing their clothes by their hands from the fountain’s water. Also, other inventions were seen, such as the television, the internet and social media like Whatsapp.
Imagine a world in which nobody can communicate. There would be no rules, no understanding, no directions, only disorder, and chaos. Nowadays, no one can live without technology and telecommunications, especially online telecommunications like the internet. Even though people think that internet and telecommunication have disadvantages, they have several advantages because they facilitate the interaction between people across the world (The importance of telecommunications).
Telecommunication is an electronic transmission of information across the world (Telecommunication). Before the internet and other telecommunications, the telephone know as telegraph was popular, used to talk to each other at a distance. Later on, due to this scientific progression, new communication applications and data were found to communicate at a long distance across the world. Recently, telecommunication has been expanded to include e-mails, web, videos, etc. Also,
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