Justifying Torture Ever Justified Essay

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I. Introduction According to Mirko Bagaric and Julie Clarke (2005), “a rational examination of torture and a consideration of hypothetical (but realistic) cases show that torture is justifiable in order to prevent great harm.” I agree to the statement above as justifying torture will minimize future harm. But how does justifying torture minimize future harm? This essay will further breakdown the circumstances in which torture is justifiable. Generalizing the justification of torture is not anymore about the question whether torture is ever defensible; but to the talking of circumstances in which it is morally permissible (Bagaric & Clarke, 2005). Justifying torture also accommodates its practice. In the world where torture is still happening,…show more content…
Convention against Torture, the practice of torture is still happening worldwide. Dershowitz mentioned one of the important facts that a regulation is better than nothing at all. Moreover, the fact that its practice is still widely used despite of its absolute ban tells that torture’s practice right now is occurring without proper regulation and control legally. He added, “I think that we’re much, much better off admitting what we’re doing it at all.” (Dershowitz, 2005). If we are able to justify torture, we can as well have trained and professional people to do it. With that, the torturer will only be those who are experienced and skilled enough to inflict pain with techniques that are accurate and can actually result in wanted information mentioned. V. Conclusion In the end, talking about torture is not about black or white and right or wrong, but it is more of justifying the means of its practice. Torture can be justified only to rare circumstances that have a certain degree of importance and during a pressured time frame. Justifying torture should be seen from the light of human nature that seeks for the least harmless outcome; inflicting harm to an agent as the mean of saving bigger number of people. Justifying torture is needed so that it can be well executed, supervised and
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