Is Walt An Anti Hero

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The anti-hero is someone who is characterized by a lack of traditional heroic qualities such as Idealism, courage and moral goodness. A real hero is the person who possesses all the heroic qualities all of the time which is in real world seems to be untrue as there is no perfect human beings. An anti-hero is a character who experiences both villainess and heroic treats, an anti-hero is a person with an ultimate objective to make the world a better place. Although anti-heroes participate in villainous, they are considered to be heroes as their main aim is to benefit the society, the surroundings or the mankind itself. A modern clear example for an anti-hero is Breaking Bad the TV series. Staring Walter White who discovered he was suffering cancer while his wife was carrying a baby girl.…show more content…
Walt didn't make the black market in meth, He just exploited it. So, here we can say that Walt is considered to be a villain as he participated in evil actions such as cooking meth, but on the other hand one could recognize him as an anti-hero as his main objective was to sort out his medications fees and keep his family from debts. Never the less, Walt alone infiltrated himself into four different drug distribution groups (krazy8, tuco, fring, jack) and destroyed all their members. Because of his actions a huge cartel, fully operational for probably thirty years, is now wiped out from Earth. In total, directly and indirectly, he completely eradicated five gang groups which distributed drugs. If it was not for Walter White they would continue operating and expanding for the next decades, while Walt had only year left to live. Walter White is a hero who brought a monstrous damage to the world of drugs
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