Is Willy A Tragic Hero

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The criterion of a tragic hero is a fortunate person of noble character who possesses a tragic flaw; as a result of the flaw, the person suffers a reversal of fortune and loses all; most important the person understands what he or she has done to himself or herself through the tragic flaw and in the process comes to know him or herself. Willy is a simple man not noble as measured by a tragic hero definition. Willy somewhat meets these criteria in the fact he is fortunate, has a tragic flaw of being delusional and experiences a reversal losing his job and having a relationship breakdown with his son; however, he never comes to understand himself before he commits suicide.
Willy possesses a tragic flaw in his personality living a delusional
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Linda goes into the kitchen and starts to darn stockings.]
WILLY: I don’t know the reason for it, but they just pass me by. I’m not noticed. (Act 1).
Willy’s delusional personality causes him to suffer in his job and relationships. Willy is blind to the fact he is not a good salesman. He believes his failure in his job is due to how he looks. Willy says, “I’m fat. I’m very—foolish to look at, Linda. I didn’t tell you, but Christmas time I happened to be calling on F.H. Stewarts, and a salesman I know, as I was going in to see the buyer I hear him say something about—walrus. And I—I cracked him right across the face. I won’t take that. I simply will not take that. But they do laugh at me. I know that. “(Act 1)
Willy hides the truth, lying to himself and his family, about being well liked and doing well in his business. Willy lies to impress his brother Ben saying, “Business is bad, it’s murderous. But not for me, of course.” (Act 1).
Willy believes so strongly in his delusional thinking it hinders his relationship with his family. He overlooks his sons stealing as wrong. He thinks their good looks and athletic abilities will lead them to being successful. Basically he is saying, as long as you look good and are well liked you can get away with it. He misses the mark on seeing wrong and right. Biff steals a ball and Willy
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