Is World Peace A Myth Or Reality

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World peace – Myth or Reality? To achieve world peace is a vision many people believe, share or have heard. World peace is a situation where every nation around the world remains free of conflict within the nation and also in harmony with one another. But is world peace an achievable reality or an unachievable myth? The global peace index published by the Institute for Economics and Peace states that only 10 countries namely Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mauritius, Panama, Qatar, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vietnam remains completely free from any form of conflicts. This index is measured based on 22 parameters like external and internal conflicts, number of deaths related to conflict, military expenditure as percentage of GDP, Political instability and relationships with neighbouring countries and hence this can be considered a reliable measure on the level of conflicts. But conflicts are also at an all time high, the worsening conditions of Middle East, the refugee crisis and multiple terrorist attacks in the recent times all point towards escalating conflicts in different parts of the world. This paper analyses whether there is any hope for world peace in such a situation and what may be a realistic approach towards world peace. Types of Conflict Broadly speaking conflicts can be defined into two, Internal and External. Internal conflicts are those happening within the borders of a nation, while external refers to a conflict between two or more nations. Examples
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