Is3350 Unit 1 Case Interview

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Strengths: - Alaina executes on the strong intro with the client, as well as foreshadows the verification questions. - After the client navigates back to the myql page, Alaina steers the client toward using the Quick Share feature. - While creating his account, she then recommends to the client that he use his email address as the username. - Great execution of the strong close. Opportunities: - Verify email address. (2:22) Alaina advises the client that she sent an email to the client 's email address. However she does not first confirm that this is the email account the client would like to use. It is important that we do this, as it is how we add additional security for the client. - Empathy. Alaina misses the opportunity to offer the client an empathetic acknowledgment on this myql call. We should do this on every myql call, as the expectation from the client is for this to be a very quick and easy process. Do this early on in the call, for example: "I 'm sorry we 're having trouble with that password, Wayne. I 'll be more than happy to help you get logged in today. First, I want to ask you a couple questions for security..." (8:00) The client says "it would help if I was a little bit better at this computer." Alaina misses this opportunity to offer an empathetic acknowledgment. (8:32, 11:00) The client…show more content…
- Control. Alaina offers little guidance to the client while trying to get to the registration email. For example: (5:45 - 6:30) During this silence, the banker takes the reigns and asks the client to click on the link and read what he sees. The client doesn 't respond and there is more silence. To maintain/keep control of the call (which is important for the client experience and call efficiency) try checking in with the client during silences and ending statements to the client with a call to action, such as: "Let me know when you see______." This will help to ensure the client doesn 't get too far ahead or get stuck in one place

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