Is3350 Unit 5 Lab Report

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You have made it a point to go through the timesheet and DAR book every day to look for errors. Yes, I placed the sticky note and made the pen and ink changes to the projected timesheet that is not submitted to payroll until Friday. That way you will have enough time to see it ask questions or make the necessary changes to the document. We all know that there is going to be a last-minute change to schedule do to the bad last-minute planning of the scheduling. Since there is no one currently filling the 3 to 11 time slot. And this issues has been created for several reasons. Reasons. #1. Because the current weekend guard has requested to be moved to the 3 to 11 shift. But that request has not been accommodated and the guard does not want to work over her 16 hours Which causes a 4 guard gap that needs to be filled. #2 . Then it is asked of other guards to fill the gap. In most cases it can be accommodated if there was some flexibility in the scheduling but there is not any. Because neither of us wants to drive 20 miles plus for just 4 hours. #3. As the site supervisor you don’t ask the individuals what hours can they work? You just make a schedule that best meets your needs and expects them to work it. Example: When it is necessary for us to…show more content…
Timesheet accuracy is key especially since the last mishap of time for a few months ago. Now as far as you speaking on you making the adjustment to Mr. Grant time from 20 minutes to 15, missed that error. However, I personally informed you that I relieved Mr. Grant 20 minutes late and that 20 minutes should reflected in his time not 15. The timesheets that we used are formulated to account our time properly. I am not here to cause any confusion or any problems. However, I have to personally make sure my time is correct. I know that it is only 5 minutes and 5 minute is not going to make a huge difference in my pay, I just prefer everything to be corrected and

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