Isaac Miller's Narrative Essay

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Isaac couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Some ragtag group of rebels trying to break away from America? This was unacceptable. “Now, they have their reasons, Isaac,” Said his mother. “Don’t think they’re just a bunch of dumb evil monsters. Don’t forget your father’s side of the family is fighting for the Southern cause.” “How can you say that? The South is fighting to keep slaves! If they were to win, what would that mean for Mr. Jeffries?” Mr. Jeffries was a kind-hearted old black man that lived just two houses down from Isaac Miller. The neighborhood grew to know him as the man that went through hell and back, and in some ways he was. He had bought his own freedom from some southerner and snuck his family north to Ohio. He had to leave, though. He needed a job so he could send money to them, which brought him here. He eventually earned the trust and friendship of Mayor Watkins, which landed him a job as a police officer. “Isaac. He’s already a free man. There ain’t nothing anyone can do about that. Just go to your room and lie down until you’re calm enough to be rational.” That little comment got him fuming. “Mother, what is wrong…show more content…
“This town is mostly Union. The Confederate supporters are beginning to either leave, or join the Southern army. Our best bet is to stay absolutely neutral. If my memory serves me well, Ol’ Robert Lee is leading the Rebels.” Winston said. Oliver was still unconscious, and Isaac was getting his side stitched. Turns out; the shrapnel cut a gash in his side. Ian had gone home, not wanting his father to know what had happened. But this town was small. Sooner or later, word would get out. It was only a matter of time. Butch was in the waiting room. He was an orphan, and Oliver was all he had. They’d been travelling to country together ever since Oliver found him homeless and starving near the ship he disembarked on. He’d travelled to America from England to get to know more about the country and it’s infamous
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