Isaac Newton Laws Of Motion Essay

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Newton Laws of Motion:

Isaac Newton was a son of a uneducated farmer also named Isaac Newton who died three months before his birth. Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in a small village of Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England (in “old” calendar December 25, 1642) (Isaac Newton, n.d.). He born so early and was very small and weak. He was not expected to live. His mother again got married and lived with her new husband, when he was a child. After that his grandmother looked after him (wier, 2007).
Until the age of ten he lived with his grandmother and when his stepfather died his mother returned home to live with Newton.

In 1653, He attended the Grammar School in Grantham. He did not perform well there. As he was an average student, his mother think that he should leave the school and was plan to make him a farmer. Newton dislike farming because he found farming boring (McKenzie, n.d.).
After that he was again sent to his old School to complete his basic education. His uncle, a graduate of the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College, convinced Newton’s mother that she should support him. The headmaster of the school supported his study by gave him private lessons (McKenzie, Sir Isaac Newton 's educational background, n.d.).
Isaac Newton joined the Trinity College Cambridge in June, 1661. Here he received an allowance for acted as servant to other students. He started to study Law. Most of his time he focused on studying Aristotle. After
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