Isabel Allende Influences

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Takoda C. Bennett
Mrs. Huth
English 11
February 29, 1016
Influences of life events and family on Isabel Allende’s work “My most significant achievements are not my books, but the love I share with a few people, especially my family, and the ways in which i have tried to help others.” (Allende). The author known for her works of surreal fantasy mixed with historical events Isabel Allende (Maier), was born August 2, 1942, in Lima, Peru but lived in Chile. With Allende’s father Tomas, a Chilean diplomat and her mother Francisca Allende divorcing at such an early point in Allende’s life, she had almost no memories of her father (Maier). Growing up in her grandfather 's house Allende learned that not all parts of life are joyful, the one thing
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Immediately after graduating high school at sixteen Allende started working as a journalist, one of the first things Allende learned was how to tell the truth through fiction.In 1962 Allende married an engineer named Miguel Frias who she later had a child with named Paula (Allende).When Allende was thirty-one a military coup assassinated President Salvador Allende her uncle and took power in Chile and interrupted the lives of many Chilean citizens including Allende’s. Allende was deeply affected because of her family’s political ties, hours after the military coup took control they began repressing people, torturing people, and killing people. Many ran away to neighboring countries but Allende did not she stayed because she did not exactly know what was going on and because she did not have enough information. Many people were now in tremendous poverty and an immense need for for some form of support, Allende wished she could do something to help those in need but she soon realised that she was only one person and could do next to nothing to help. “I came to believe that any action direct would would mean enormous risk for me and I became so terrified about it that i began to break out in rashes. I couldn’t sleep. I had asthma and a whole series of physical symptoms. One day, my husband and I finally made up the decision to leave.” (Maier 5). Allende and her husband ended up in Venezuela knowing very little about it and only having twenty kilos of luggage leaving everything else behind. Allende was happy that they got out and were able to put down their root and start a new, Allende’s name had caused some problems for her but she was proud of it and help it like a banner. Allende had gone through many hardships in her life that she used to make herself stronger, she decided to start an organization in 1995 called The Isabel Allende Foundation which is set up
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