Isabel Allende: A Spirit That Cannot Be Tamed

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Isabel Allende: A Spirit that Cannot be Tamed. The events in one’s life help shape oneself. Isabel Allende, a Chilean author, had many tragic events in her lifetime that inspired her writing, and molded her into the strong woman she is today. Taking inspiration from her culture and her family, Allende wrote Latin-American literature. Allende’s Chilean roots and close knit family not only shaped her but her many books. Isabel Allende is a Chilean novelist who is famous for her Latin American novels which are greatly inspired by her strong familial bonds, and her large, political, Chilean family. Isabel Allende was born on August 2nd, 1942 in Peru, but moved to Chile when she was 3 years old (Allende; Kapschutschenko-Schmitt; McCann). Although born in Peru Allende identifies a Chilean, because both of her parents were Chilean and she was raised mainly in Chile (Rodriguez). In 1945, when Allende was only 3, her father left them and she never saw him again (Rodriguez). Her father’s absence is what formed her mistrust of men which is heavily portrayed in her books. After he left Allende and her family moved back to Chile to live with her grandmother (McCann). Living with her grandparents is what made Allende so close to all of her family, which is another theme often portrayed in her literature.
Although Isabel Allende had a
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The book is set in a Latin American country, maybe Chile, which is where Allende was raised, in Chile. “He remembered that he played during the summers at Tres Marias” (Allende 53), The name of this countryside can only be spanish which is very similar to Allende’s roots. The main characters names are Clara and Esteban which have a direct correlation to Allende has these were the names of her grandparents. Also the book is a collection of journals that started off as letters sent between Allende and her grandfather, which really ties the book into her personal
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