Isabel Gardner's Argumentative Essay

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Hello, I am Isabel Gardner and I deserve my freedom because of all the cruel and harsh treatments as well as . For starters I am the slave to the most ruthless human being on this planet. Also without me your revolt against Britain would have stopped dead due to the death of General Washington. Also, there are many documents that you yourselves have published talking about freedom and breaking away from your “master”. What I am saying is that I have been through many hardships and have read a lot about freedom so hear me out just this once. My life has been a slide, it just keeps on going down and down but never goes up. When I was only 12 years old I was separated from my sister who got sent away by Madam Lockton to a place where she could not handle the work.When this event took place it showed the true nature of that demon. Also by the look on her face you could tell that she enjoyed watching me suffer which reinforces my reason even more. Moreover, if it weren’t for me you would be in a heap of trouble trying to manage the rebellion with Washington assassinated by Master Lockton. Without Washington, you would have no organization and would have a tough…show more content…
The words “all men are created equals” tells us that all people are equals. If in the document that you made says that all men were created equals, then why can I not be free. Furthermore why is there a distinction between people who can be free, and slaves who cannot be free? Lastly the Declaration of independence mentions that all people have certain inalienable rights such as Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. How is it fair that only some people are able to receive these rights and not others. Also if these inalienable rights cannot be taken away, then why am I still enslaved to this horrible woman. With all these works backing me up, I believe I deserve to be
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