Isabella And Ferdinand's Influence On Spain

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Isabella and Ferdinand II were a good match and they unified Spain. They were known as Catholic Monarchs and Spain have changed in many ways. Their marriage was one of the most important marriages in the history of Spain and possibly the world.
Isabella I was born on April 22, 1451 in Madrid. His parents were John II of Castile and his second wife, Isabella of Portugal. His brother, Henry IV, was the heir to the throne of Castile, but on 19 September 1468 in the Agreement Bulls Guisando his brother did Isabella I heir to his throne and she became queen of Castile, with the support Castilla nobles in 1474 (Isabella I). Ferdinand II of Aragon was born on March 10, 1452. His parents were John II of Aragon and Juana Enriquez. He was named heir to the throne of Aragon in 1461. (Ferdinand II).
Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile married on October 19, 1469 in Valladolid after meeting and its engagement. This marriage would unify Spain. They were second cousins, joint rulers and had great respect for the other. It seemed that much love. Ferdinand made Isabella his heir to the throne of Aragon in 1475 (Ferdinand II)
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The reconquest was a battle of the series between Christians and Moors for control of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain won with the powerful monarchs. Together Spain were united under a single government in 1478 through the creation of the Spanish Inquisition. This would convert to Catholicism Jews and Muslims or people of these religions would be forced to leave Spain. In 1492, 160,000 Jews left Spain and four years later followed the Muslims Jews. Also in 1492, Christopher Columbus set out to discover a new world and the Catholic Kings accepted (History of Spain). Supporting Columbus was one of the smartest decisions they could have done. Columbus's discovery of the new world, the United States did. Isabella I supported this trip. "I will give everything, even my jewelry to finance this

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