Isabella Petrini: Guilty Of Verbal Bullying

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Bullying When 13 year old Isabella Petrini was in 5th grade she was guilty of bullying. Bullying happens to most kids at least one time in their life. If it’s not physical bullying it’s verbal bullying. Physical bullying is pushing, kicking, hitting, knocking others people stuff out of hands, or taking other peoples possession. Verbal bullying is teasing or taunting. Students may be bullied because they was a bully once or just don’t fit in with the group. Maybe they don’t want to be bad or maybe they are getting blackmailed. 99.9% of bullies were bullied. That is how most kids become bullies. Bystanders are people that watch bullying but don’t take action. In my opinion I think bystander is worse than being a bully. I know that if I was a
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