Isabelle Williams Narrative

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Isabelle Williams was so excited for the grand opening of the new library. She lives in Austin, Texas. It was Saturday, June 24th, 2010. Izzy has long blonde hair, dark green eyes, and very pale skin. She is twelve years old and is an only child. Her mother’s name is Katelynn Williams. She had short, sharp cut, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Isabelle’s father, Jackson, had black hair and green eyes. They lived in a small house, in a small neighborhood, near the town marketplace. The new library opening only a short way from her home. She was so excited for the library to open. Isabelle is in love with reading books. Although, the library at her school, Northside Elementary, has books with no more than one-hundred pages. For most kids in her sixth grade class, one of those books would be done in a week or so, but not for Izzy, she will read a book like that in a day if…show more content…
The man wasn’t wearing any shoes. He was completely barefoot. “But why?” “Welcome to the grand opening of Mr. Linden’s library! I’m of course Mr. Linden, and I will be your librarian, forever.” The way he had said that sent a cold chill up her spine and she shivered. What did he mean by forever? “This library will have all the books you could ever desire, and maybe even more.” Again, Izzy got a cold chill up her spine. “Now are you ready to cut this ribbon!” Everybody in the crowd hollered as loud as they could until he finally cut it. The crowd rushed in as fast as they could, to see the inside of the new library. Once the crowd was gone, Izzy got a better chance to look at the building. Right above the door it said “Mr. Linden’s library” in big bubble letters. There were also, on the top right corner of the door a number, “300.” She wondered what that meant, but decided not to worry about it. It was probably just there. When Izzy went inside it was hectic, there were people all around the place. Most were in line so they could get their library
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