Isaiah Teller's Last Friday Tragedy

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Last friday, a tragedy happened in the parking lot of Trey Community College in Springfield, Kentucky. What seemed to be an average morning turned into a scene from a horror movie. On this seemingly regular Friday morning, a sophomore student, Isaiah Teller, took out a gun and fired four shots at his fellow students, and then one at himself. Teller’s mother, Emily Teller, says that this may have been avoided, “He never really liked people. Was always anti-social.” She says about her late son, “He stopped talking to [his therapist].” Teller’s actions affected many people around him. The morning of the incident, the school’s All Of Us club was having a free breakfast to raise awareness and money for their upcoming trip. Teller shot three bullets into the gathering, …show more content…

The driver, Hester Li, was wounded on the shoulder, causing her to spin out of control, hitting the car beside her. Ana Rosa Ibarra was injured and Jessica Whitson unfortunately passed away very soon after the collision. Ibarra recalls the tragic accident and how she is relieved she survived it, “I think about what I could’ve done differently. What I could’ve changed. [but] what 's done is done.” The school board is attempting to handle the situation best at possible, by helping the distressed families of the students involved. The board of education released a statement of the promises they are making to the students and their very worried parents, which says that they plan on increasing security on the campus and donate to help every student involved. Even student Raymond Assaf, who driving behind the cars that day, couldn’t help to think about how he was only two cars away from death, “That could’ve been me. I could’ve been ...ahead, and been collided with.” Throughout the interview, he talked in disbelief on how much a few feet changed his whole

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