Ishmael And Ahab In Herman Melville's Moby Dick

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Through the symbols Applied by Herman Melville’s novel, Moby-Dick to give the novel its full title,tells the tragic story of a failed attempt at vengeance. After traveling to New Bedford,Ishmael an alienated,venturesome man becomes friends with a harpooner named Queequeq in a frightening circumtance because of being practicing cannibalisim and a man who makes a living by selling shriveled ,desiccated heads as a sort of “curio” The story is narrator, Ishmael wants decides to try his hand at a whaling job with Queequeq and see the "watery part of the world."After a while, Ishmael meets the rest of the vessels’ crew, including Flask,Stubb and first mate Starbuck except the strange Pequod’s,the ship’s captain, Ahab whom doesn’t reveals himself for a big time. The first parts of the story focuses on Ishmael 's mind set,his ideas and acts in the Pequod. even though he still performs minor roles, when ship set out,he starts to vanish from the rest of the story because of the introduction of enigmatic captain Ahab and for that,this paper mainly criticize Ahab which is the protagonist of the Moby Dick thanks to the focus of the story shifting from Ishmael to him.Finally with appearing, captain Ahab sets the Pequod for hunting Moby Dick, a prodigious white sperm whale that costed him a leg on his last sail.Ahab is characterized as a man obsessed with finding and killing Moby Dick which creates anxiety to the whole crew.For his abnormal behaviors to kill the whale,Starbuck tries to
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