Ishmael Beah's Struggles During War

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The Struggles During Wartime
The sierra Leone child soldier survivor Ishmael Beah. He had to deal with the separation of his family at twelve-years old, exposure to guns, violence and starvation,but, the worst of all was when he had to become a killer.
One of the many struggles Beah had to deal with when he was a little kid was the exposure to gun and violence. In the book review the author said, “Given rudimentary training, Beah seems then to have gone on a two-year mind-bending killing spree…”(Boyd 303).. The “Two year killing spree” were the results of the gruesome life Beah has been living. Not only was his life gruesome it was also unfair. Beah’s life was unfair because of the way he had to grow up as a kid. His childhood, family and freedom was taken away. As an exposure to guns and violence as a young child, Beah seems to still be haunted by his childhood. Not only because he had to decide between killing or being killed but, because, he had to become a killer to survive.
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“....and in Beah’s case the arrival of the rebels in his small town meant sudden separation from his parents…”(Boyd 302). The quote above shows how barbaric Sierra Leone is by taking all these kids away from their parents, without their parents having a say in it. Also, its really hard for them to survive because they’ve never been alone and are “Terrified” (Boyd 302). So they had to make a decision fast and go to “Rudimentary training” to not be suspected and killed. Other reasons why Sierra Leone is a bloodthirsty is when Ishmael Beah went on an interview about what he had to deal with in his life, he stated that they made take drugs and that they had more drugs and gun ammo than actual
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