Ish's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Ish’s strengths and weaknesses can be seen through his perceptions of other people. His personality is defined by his attitude towards Joey, Milt and Ann, and Charlie. Ish is capable of detecting what is good for him and what is not but he is not confident that his feelings are correct. Ish’s strength is that he can recognize what is good for himself and the tribe. After a long time of debating with himself, Ish decides that “Joey! He is the one!”(152). Ish can realize that Joey is what the Tribe needs in a leader. Ish knows Milt and Ann’s weaknesses and “doubted whether they could survive the winter…he felt the warmth and fullness of tears in his eyes [as he left them] - Good-bye, Milt and Ann!”(75). Ish is sad to leave Milt and Ann because he enjoys their company but…show more content…
Ish explained to Joey that “we are alike…the others, they are good people…but they have no spark. We have to give the spark!”(161). Ish’s reason that Joey is the Chosen One is that he has a spark. This is hard to accept because there are no facts to see so others do not know what Ish is making his assumption off of. Ish’s reason to leave Milt and Ann is that they “were city-dwellers, and when the city died, they would hardly survive without it” (75). Ish knows that Milt and Ann will not survive without the city but he does not have any cold hard facts to base his assumptions off of which always leaves him wondering if he’s made the right decision. When Ish was uncertain about his loathing towards Charlie, he looked towards Ezra for his opinion. When he saw that Ezra was also questioning Charlie, “Ish felt himself both reassured and justified” (233). Ish does not even trust his own decisions because there are no facts up front for him to see how he made his assumption. Ish has no strong evidence to defend his opinion which makes him unconfident in his

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