Isis And Osiris Mythology

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It is one of the most famous stories in all of Egypt. The god Seth killed his brother, the great god Osiris. Around a thousand years later, when Rome conquered the territory that once housed Ancient Egypt, they could have done many things with this myth. They could have denounced it and completely forgotten about it or left native people from that area with the myth for themselves. But instead, they chose to create whole religions around this myth, as well as the many others from all around Egypt. This creates a interesting question about Egypt and Rome. How did the way Egyptian deities, specifically Isis and Osiris, were viewed change between the Egyptian and Roman empires? In this essay, I will argue that the way that Isis and Osiris were viewed through their mythology changed across cultures. This is evident through the way they were worshipped, depicted in artwork, and shown in mythology in each of the cultures. One of the ways that the way that Isis and Osiris were viewed changed is in worship. In Egypt, Isis was essentially the mother goddess who used magic spells to protect her son, Horus, while Osiris was the god of the dead, as well as ruler of the Underworld. In Egypt, Isis was worshipped simply for her magical powers which protected Horus, because people sought to use similar powers for themselves. “Soon the force of ‘magic’ comes to serve highly egoistic and aggressive purposes, especially in love charms, and the magician thinks nothing of threatening the
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