Isis Osiris Mystery Religion

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Mystery Religion Discussion
Man, left to his own devices is bound to walk in darkness and separated from God will be inclined to follow their imaginations living sinfully and hopelessly. In Jer. 18:12 (KJV) you will find these Words, “And they said, there is no hope; but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.” Roetzel (2002) begins his disquisition on mystery religions by writing, “In the dark period of the decline of traditional institution and classical religion, the mystery religion offered to many a powerful and meaningful response” (p. 62). After reading his study on some of these mystery religions, I realized just how dark and gloomy of a period this must have been. I could not help but to
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I do not know about you, but I found reading about these religions to be so unreal that people would be in such a disposition to believe what these cults were offering them. These were myths, stories, that whoever conjured them up had to be under the authority of Satan. At any rate, the Isis-Osiris mystery begins with murder, dismemberment, and scattered body parts which remind me more of a murder she wrote mystery or a whodunit thriller. I wonder who came up with this myth. From what I have read, it is unknown. Well, Osiris’s lover, Isis is torn, and from a heart filled with bitter sorrow and anger from her lover’s demise, she goes on a mission to find her lover’s body parts. She recovers the body parts, and puts him back together, breathes new life into him and then the unthinkable happens. She has sex with him and gets pregnant. Wow, this sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, or better yet, Twilight Zone. Now, I do not know where Isis gets her holiness from, but she has a holy child. Her child, Horus, becomes a god and assumes his position on the throne. Now, it is beginning to sound more like what Satan is going to attempt to
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