Isla Iguana Essay

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Tourism may have been long determined to be the city’s uprising tourist destinations but the impressive aspect of this inviting city is the fact that it maintained the timorous and somewhat unassuming atmosphere that is only found on unspoilt locations hiding on some remote places of the world. The place is beautiful and the progress of tourism and the multiply of its visitors didn’t overshadowed the natural exterior that remained to be as it is from the very start.

Location (2)

Originally known as a fishing village, the quietness of the city is found in the south eastern tip of Azuero Peninsula on the pacific coast of Panama. Due to its location, many fishing enthusiast consider it as a haven due to the abundance of underwater resources
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Exude that exotic look with the help of nonstop supply of vitamin sea an experience some of the world’s impressive beaches found in Pedasi. Worry not about any sight of pollution and unwanted waste that’s is common to commercialized beach destinations in the world as the people of Pedasi do well in taking care of their habitat.

Isla Iguana (7)


This paradise serves as a home for several species including black and green iguanas. Armed with 9 kilometer beaches adorned with of one the world’s largest coral reef, going here will make you see nature in a different way. In Isla Iguana, living is dominated by the creatures of the wild. If you are getting lucky, you may even see one of the five species of turtles that visit the island once every year.

Isla de Canas (9)


This is where turtles lay their eggs happening between the months of November till July. The 14 kilometer long island serves as a cradle for eggs of about eight species of turtles. Aside from seeing groups of turtles trailing the coasts here and there, the island’s opposite direction is a beach that is adorned by soft waves and fine white sands. Tropical life as its finest, be hugged by the luscious pine trees and relax in the arms of a total beach
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