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Underwater at 8:18am, it is very foggy this morning, we cannot see Isla Tiburon from the North boat ramp to give you a sense. Calm waters, light blue skies, low tides, left wave crash, fog looks as if it 's heading west toward Isla Tiburon. Took off at 8:23am, towards the southwest side of Isla Tiburon. We saw common mergansers in groups of 50 or so at 8:29am in the fog. We are now in the middle of the sea and cannot see Isla Tiburon or Kino behind us at 8:45am. We spotted about 150 grebes at 8:41am and saw more greebes at 8:45am. The sun tried to come out at 8:50am. Then we finally got out of the fog and started to get our bearings. On our left was Isla Tiburon and on our right was Isla Cholludo.Yesterday Ami had a class on fish identification,…show more content…
Ed explain some of the past traditions practiced by the serri. Montor - canyon; The Serri would slide down a basal slope on a sea turtle carapace and see how far you could go without falling into the water. If you fell into the water you would be eaten by sharks. They used to live in pit houses and sometime would live out of a cave. They didn’t have any clothes, but wore stuff like loincloths. They hunted with bow and arrows. Dogs are a valued part of the family and are hunting companions. Serri people came from Tiburon to Isla San Esteban. They would use rafts to row to Isla and Tiburon for food and water, then row all the way back. During the 1500 or 1600 was the first contact the Serri had with white people. Their technology didn’t come up to par until pretty late last year. It’s much like stone age village and now they 're experiencing the modern world. The Mexican government wanted the serri gone because they were uncontrollable; they didn’t want to follow the rules. There was a mass killing upon the serri on this island. The Government couldn’t hide because they didn’t know the terrain and didn’t know any of the hiding places so most likely were killed or could not

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